1983- Jim McMichael Signs & Truck Painting gets NEW LOOK!

1983- Jim McMichael Signs & Truck Painting gets NEW LOOK!

IMG_0080After a well accomplished 19 years, Jim McMichael had yet another great milestone for his business- his OWN shop!


With a lot of hard work and planning, Jim finally had a shop to call his very own. It wasn’t an easy task though as the lot he purchased for his shop had a major amount of clearing to be done before they could even break ground and pour the slab!

IMG_0077Once the framing and slab work was completed by Page & Ridenour, Jim and his own crew finished building out the interior. Because there was no security, Jim would even spend the night in the unfinished building just to make sure that no one could steal materials or vandalize the property.





Since Jim now had more room, he was also able to take on larger repair jobs with his new body shop space!






What a proud moment that must have been for Jim to see his dream continue to grow into a 9,000 sq ft shop that he could call his own!




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