1988-1994 Growing Sign Company goes Digital!

1988-1994 Growing Sign Company goes Digital!

321321962762_1Shirley As Jim McMichael’s Signs & Truck Painting was growing so was the digital world!

Jim decided it was time to embrace it and in 1988 Jim hired on Bob Sherrod, a graphic designer, and it was with this addition to the team that led to the company getting it’s first vinyl sign plotter!


This was a big step for Jim as everything else in the office was still done by hand, including all the paperwork that his dedicated wife Shirley would type out every day for him!


In 1989, Jim brought on another key player for the company, Mark Kramer, who would later become part of his family and help run the business.

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 Hundreds of clients and many years later, Jim McMichael Signs & Truck Painting was STILL a growing business!