CONGRATULATIONS!!! Jim McMichael Signs 50th Anniversary!

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Jim McMichael Signs 50th Anniversary!

      From all the employees at Jim McMichael Signs & Truck Painting- HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

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April 15th, 1964, is the day that Jim celebrates the beginning of his company. Over the years he has had many milestones, funny stories, great memories and a family to support him along the way.

So, we would like to share some of those things with you….

Did you know….

-Jim has one of the largest paint booths around!

-Jim used to want to be a fireman, in fact, he even took the fireman test AND passed the physical!

-From 1967-1970 Jim was a bus driver. He owned his own bus for part of that timeframe and when it was time to get the kids from school he would take a break from whatever lettering job he was doing and then finish it after his bus route.

-ALL of the business locations have been within a 5 mile radius, near our current location on Dutch Valley Rd.

-Jim prides himself on knowing MANY customers by their voice when they call, as he has so many loyal, longstanding customers from throughout the years!

-Back in the day when Jim was still hand lettering vehicles, he could finish lettering a bus in 45 minutes!

-Jim attends several car shows a year with his restored 1954 Chevy Sedan and has won several trophies

-Besides his love for God, family, and cars- Jim also loves to travel and has been to Switzerland, London, Ireland & on several cruises. In fact, on one of his trips he caught a 120 lb sailfish, which hangs in his office!

-The only office managers for the shop have been family.



 Jim wants the business to continue on to his third generation although he NEVER PLANS TO RETIRE!






From our hearts to yours- Happy Anniversary Jim!



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